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Comp-Sci Freak

A depiction of what you become after spending numerous hours trying to spot a bug that's been looking you in the eye the entire time!

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Tangled Hand

A sculpture I created to an anti-technology theme; ever tried to clean up the wires and shit behind your stereo system?


Don't ask me to explain it, because you probably wont like what you hear. And no, it's not upside down.

Tech Junkie

It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed in this field. This is how I often feel, with three million projects on the go, and no drive to finish any of them.

High-Tech Black Hole

Another done to the anti-technology theme. You've all become sucked into the stuff; how many of you bitched, complained and freaked-out when a sizeable chunk of this continent lost power for a number of days? Pretty sad, when you think about it...


The first oil painting I ever did; for a girl very close to me, on her birthday. And yet, I never did give it to her...

Eye Button

Sexy woman with an eye (another digital work of mine) "burnt in," around her belly button.

Neural Effect

I simply set out to see what I could come up with by using just a single square and some colour (and later some text). Perhaps a little busy, but it came out alright, I think.


The state of confusion throughout my entire "relationship" with Liz... this is the girl that also inspired most of the graphic language in my writing.

Weird Shit

Nothing more then the title. I just thought it looked cool :)

ndk Window Concept

One of many (more to come) GUI concepts for ndk

Hiding Behind Power

This started out as an effect from an old three-pass scanner, with multiple flashlights shinning on the bed in a dark room. Then It basically became a big mess of filters - totally amateur stuff - but I like how it came out.

Ticket to Hell

The only reminant I have of one of the worst times of my life

Slipery Rock

I like this photo... party because, despite it's flow converging in the exact middle of the picture (a photography "no-no"), it seems to still look good. And secondly, because I remember taking it, and almost falling into the stinky river :)


This photo really doesn't have much goin' for it, but it's a nice throw back to "the good ol' days," isn't it? ;)

Ice at Night

This was a fluke. I didn't expect to see my reflection, and am still at odds as to whether I like it or not, but it's definitly an interesting effect. I had to clone + airbrush out my bedroom light, which appeared as a huge white orb at the top of the picture... didn't quite fit with the rest of the picture.

Backyard Pond

A picture of the pond in my backyard built out of a buried ice bucket and a bilge pump!

At Work

Just an picture of one of my "portfolios." I always keep binders full of poems, short stories, pictures and anything else I've done. It's always interesting (and embarassing) to pick up a binder from many years ago and take a look through.

House with Flare

Not the greatest lens flare on earth - perhaps I should clean my lens (!) - but, I thought it looked pretty cool

Kournikova Screenshot

One of my early screenshot's with Anna as my background image. I believe this one came from my BearOps (MaxOS) system.

Neural Desktop

An empty screenshot showing the background and default setup I produced for all neural systems.

Xinerama Screenshot

A screenshot show-casing my dual monitor setup (an extremely cool, and surprisingly useful "gimick" :) Oh, and by-the-way, the php source on monitor 0? That's an old version of this site. I've sense gone object-oriented.