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Petal is the Portable, Extensible, Transparent, Artistic Library. It is a fast, 32-bit, C graphics library supporting DOS (DJGPP, VGA, VESA: banking, pmode banking, and lfb) and Linux (X11 XShm and DGA). Petal was written a while back by codex software, and is now being released in the LGPL. neuraldk intends to rewrite and update petal to support new operating systems (eg, QNX and the BeOS) and possibly new languages (C++ and inCode).

neuraldk cannot offer support for this product, but will support all future versions written solely by neuraldk. Due to the age of this product, we've had to rearrange and rewrite portions of the source code, and recompile using current libraries. Throughout the process, portions of code may have been broken. Unfortunately, neuraldk cannot spend any more time on legacy products such as petal 1.0, and as such, we must release it as is.