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Casta Page
Web Site

A website utilizing a lot of javascript, and a nice picture of Laetitia Casta

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Clean and Simple
Web Site

This is the first design we had for our web site. We were going for a simple, easy-to-navigate design with a clean, consistent feel.

Coloured Bars
Web Site

This is the second neuraldk web design, and is the most ambitious of all neuraldk, and code^x sites. All the pages are created on-the-fly from a mysql database, using php.

Web Site

This is the site I developed in order to create and maintain my online database. It's essential a php front end for mysql, with features relavent to the creation of this site.

Gravis Ultrasound Interfacing Code

Here is the sample source code from the code^x GUS tutorial which can be found here

It should compile cleanly under TC++ or DJGPP, and will play the provided .AU file using a small UltraSound C++ class.

object oriented programming language

inCode is a programming language in development. It is being designed to be an easy to use, extensible, object-oriented language. Something between C++ and VisualBasic.NET, with features found in C, Pascal, and even assembly language.

operating system project

NDK is neuraldk's ongoing experimentation at creating a new, modern operating system. Though not nearly complete, it may be of interest to other OS developers

Organic Pages
Web Site

A website featuring an organic theme, and sporting javascript, dhtml and css to create different client-side animations.

Portable Graphics Library

Petal is the Portable, Extensible, Transparent, Artistic Library. It is a fast, multiplatform, 32-bit, C graphics library. We are currently at work writing version 2.0 to be fully C++, and to support many new platforms.

Disk Formatting Util for PolyFS 1.0 File System

This is the source code for a utility to format a disk according to the code^x PolyOne FileSystem Specs.

This source code will compile under DGJPP and provide a C++ class, allowing you to format a file using the polyOne file system. It should be noted that, while ndk will use a different file system then PolyOne, the two will be similar in many respects.

Linux port of Alex Champandard's Plasma code

Plasma is a port of the plasma routines from Alex Champandard's "The art of Demomaking", which can be found on flipcode.com/demomaking/issue04.shtml

unfinished operating system

polyOS was an operating system being developed by codex. The project is no longer, however the source code may be of interest to other operating system developers.

Polygon Filler Tutorial Source Code

Here is the source code for the code^x Polygon Filler tutorial.

This source code will compile under DJGPP to display regular filled and goraud shaded polygons under VGA Mode 0x13.

GUI based on Petal 1.0

Smoke is a GUI system developed by codex as a highschool OAC project. Smoke was written using Petal 1.0, and as such, runs under both Linux and DOS.

DOS heightfield engine

X is a heightfield engine written by codex. Included in the download is a DOS 32-bit executable (requires a 32-bit extender, such as cwsdpmi.exe) as well as its DJGPP source code.