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Plasma is a port of the plasma routines from Alex Champandard's "The art of Demomaking", which can be found on flipcode.com/demomaking/issue04.shtml

The port to Linux uses codex's Petal 1.0, and is therefore now able to run in all colour depths from 8bpp to 32bpp.

It should be noted, however, that the 8bpp mode is, currently, just treated like all other modes; a palette is not created, and colour's are found that best fit the ideal colour. The result is probably fairly poor, considering there're only 256 colours to choose from (although Petal itself does change the 8bpp palette to provide the widest range of colours).

It should also be noted that I've made no attempt to optimize this code yet. This was a quick 10 minute port. In order to support all colour depths, I've used Petal's putpixel function, which means there's a far call and a multiply for each pixel on screen. This could be easily fixed, however.