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Smoke is a GUI system developed by codex as a highschool OAC project. Smoke was written using Petal 1.0, and as such, runs under both Linux and DOS. The Linux version will require a proper Petal driver to be linked to ./video.driver in order to run.

At the time of writing the software, it worked perfectly with only a few tiny visual glitches. Unfortunately, after a quick recompile in Linux, I've noticed many more visual glitches. The DOS version seems to work fine, however.

The sources are probably most interesting to most people, anyway. I know a lot of people who simply want an idea as to how to even go about writing a GUI. Hopefully this source will help.

The sources will require Petal 1.0 to be installed, and linked (or copied) to the "petal" subdirectory in order to compile.

neuraldk, however, cannot provide support for such legacy software, and the source is being provided as is. In time, we intend to rewrite the software to current trends and then provide full support.