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2005-12-27 Updated SQL such that downloads for Smoke (Dos,Linux,Source) are available

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2003-11-10 Minor updates, and moved new.live to root!
2003-09-10 Fixed thumbnail.php (was always processing thumbnails, even when they already existed!) and added descriptions and screenshots for each of the Web Development projects.
2003-09-07 Changed default thumbnail size from 100 to 150px (in thumbnail.php).
Updated contact page to preserve mailto: field upon error situations.
2003-09-06 Added versions in neuraldb for each webDev project so that they correctly appear in the web development, and software pages.
2003-08-28 Added tables into database to automate the process of adding technical and personal articles to the website. Articles can now be filtered based upon their category. A javascript frontend also allows the user to enable/disable the viewing of personal art, with an advisary popup, where appropriate, about language and "adult situations" :)
2003-08-26 Completed new half of the pages I once had :) After rewriting the entire PHP backend with objects (instead of procedural calls) has made page creation infinitely quicker.

Also, my new architecture keeps the entire page in memory while processing, allowing many things to be calculated on the fly (by the program) instead of by the user (such as colspan, rowspan, etc).
2003-08-23 Finally finished complete rewrite of my PHP page creation layer after accidentally deleting the whole damn thing. A little advice; never perform heavy filesystem maintenance on your system at 4am, after your tenth coffee... 'mv' and 'rm' may look the same, but one's not quite as forgiving :)
2003-07-12 Launched version 0.90, Still to come:

    New tutorials
    New applications
    New artwork
2003-07-09 Added new xinerama screenshot, and photography section to artwork
Added 404 error handler page
Finishing touches
Ready for launch!
2003-07-05 Fixed and finished document.php - All tags supported properly, with side panel
Removed dead code, and debug comments
2003-07-01 Minor aesthetic revisions
Created this page, and SQL code behind it