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Casta Page

This page was actually created under the codex name in an attempt to test and showcase javascript, dhtml and css effects. For a while, the intention was to integrate this form into the standard codex site. However, at the time, even the two big browsers couldn't decide how to display this puppy, and getting both to agree with decent results proved too much effort for the effect.

If you have a slow connection, you might consider reloading the page after all the images have been loaded and cached, in order to see the full effect of the animation (Casta scrolling in from the left).

It should be noted, however, that Konqueror 2.x (the older version of the Linux/KDE browser) viewed this page without problems and implemented many things infinitely better then IE and Netscape. Kudo's to the KDE Team!

Throughout the years codex and neuraldk have developed many different web sites, from the basic HTML, to the elaborate php, javascripted, dhtml and css pages.

Some of these pages you've seen published, integrated into our public web site. Others, however, have been scraped, or unused for particular reasons. This site is a forum for those such sites; those that "didn't make the cut" but deserve special notice.

We've tried to stick with the standards and, as a consequence, have avoided things like Flash, VRML, or any other "plugin-required" material (despite the inherit coolness of these technologies). Perhaps, in the future, we'll put more focus to these technologies

Clean and Simple

This site, neuraldk's first, was created by hand, and almost entirely in HTML. As such, maintenance usually consisted of opening up the HTML and adding new table rows, etc, for new products.

The actual product and description pages, however, were automated by server-side perl scripts, as well as the download and graphic pages.

Everything else was accomplished with client-side javascript (such as the animating boxes on the index page), and should be portable to any browser (thanks to the basic.js system we've written)

Coloured Bars

This is the second neuraldk web design, and is the most ambitious of all neuraldk, and code^x sites. All the pages are created on-the-fly from a mysql database, using php.

Most pages allow sorting or filtering of information through webforms (with a php backend), and some include javascript code, as well, for user input authentication and warnings.

Maintenance of this page is incredibly simple, and only requires a few inserts to the database. The php and modrewrite (of Apache) handles the rest dynamically. I've also written a php script to automatically create thumbnails of new pictures, if need be.


Because much of the content viewable on these pages is created, on-the-fly, from a MySQL database, I thought it would be a good idea to create a nice graphical way to administor this database, from anywhere around the world.

PHP was the obvious choice for development; not only is it powerful and simple to use, but it supports MySQL natively.

To view this demo, use the "guest" username, with the "guest" password. For obvious reasons, some features of this online demo have been disabled. Users may view the database data and structure, however, access has not been granted for the user to change or add any new data.

Organic Pages

These pages were inspired by the organic world, and human bodies in particular. As such, must of the images are meant to represent actual organisms and cells (such as my interpretation of a dendrite).

Not all the links on this page work, simply because these pages were never finished. I felt they lacked continuity; each page seemed much too different from the last.